Not a particular fan of the franchise, only ever beaten Super Mario World in fact despite having started a few others in the past (I don't know, just wasn't my thing).

Either way, I vaguely remembered Mario destroy the castles after the boss fights in the game I did play, and I figured I'd look at that... given our profile on the fucker is incredibly unhelpful regarding DC/Durability feats specifically.

Mario (not super mind you) lifts up and punts Larry's Castle or some shit.


Mario = 28 pixels

Door = 32 pixels

Door/Mario = 1.143

Mario = 1.55 meters (apparently his official height according to this)

Door = 1.77 meters


Door = 32 pixels

Castle Radius = 4608 pixels (Would make the most sense for the thing Mario has to save to be at the heart of the Castle. You'd kind of figure he could just circumvent the dungeon crawl to save shit if the only thing between him and his objective was a wall)

Castle Radius/Door = 144

Castle Radius = 254.88 meters

Castle Diameter = 509.76 meters


Castle Diameter = 121 pixels

Castle Height = 104 pixels

Punting Distance = 165 pixels

Castle Height/Castle Diameter = 0.86

Punting Distance/Castle Diameter = 1.364

Castle Height = 438.393 meters

Volume = 0.2(PIr^2*H)

Castle Volume = 17,894,311.63 m^3

Rock Density = 2,700 kg/m^3

Castle Mass = 48,314,641,390 kilograms or 48,314,641.39 tons

Punting Distance = 695.313 meters

Time Frame = 1 second

Punting Speed = 695.313 m/s

Energy of Punt = 11,679,102,320,000,000 joules or 2.791 megatons

Interesting I guess. Fucker goes from having to blow them up at the start of the game to casually punting them by near the end of it.

Final Tally

Castle Mass = 48,314,641.39 tons

Mario's Striking Power = 2.791 megatons