I was playing something called "Legacy Gamers GunZ" and a person comes in and says "Fuck you" naturally i say "You do that" and keep playing. Well this time he reported me for "Harrassment" and i get banned for a day from this game. So then i post evidence of my innocence and the Game Master agree's with me naturally(Since im level 99 max and ive been around for quite awhile) and unbans me after a minute and bans the other guy for good. Then the other guy (most likely) hacked a level 99 well known account and posts me for harrassment and the GM kicks me again and i showed all my logs from the time i got unbanned to the time i got banned again. Again i won, then i found a post saying someone got his account hijacked. Then the game master (known hacker) decided to hack the other guy, ip ban him manually from Gunz Legacy.

Moral : People are fucking assholes.