Today was my first day as a substitue teacher and it was terrible. Note, I don't have a degree in education, so as can be imagined the job is just one I'm doing until I get my B.A. Anyway, the majority of the students came late. Although the truth of the matter is they needn't have come at all. For I had no material to teach them. Essentially, I was just a baby-sitter put in charge of watching them and making sure they read.:oh It was terribly boring and quite aggrevating at times. Moreover, a small portions of the students also seemed to object to the exercise as wasteful. This was a problem to the point a young fellow and girl skipped out. They just up and left! There wasn't a damn thing to be done! ---- In conclusion, the experience and continued experience for a year or so makes me sad for the pre-college educational system. :cry