Well other than the newer ones and the filler arc i got nothing. All the rest is safely stored on DVD that for some reason won't let me even click the icons (or rather the blank spot where they are supposed to be) without them disappearing. I know they work cause i played them all after burning them the first time but the odd thing is that even if i try bypassing the clicking thingy by copying the folder they are stored in (i got like 10 episodes in a folder and i got 2-3 sets of folders on each DVD) i for once get asked for this odd password thingy (which is extra odd since i didn't make one in the first place) and while i know the password it still won't copy them. All it does is copy the folder itself and the damn thumbs.db file inside. All other files remain uncopied.
I have even tried using a zip program to just compress them into a zip file on the desktop but once again its just the folder and the .db file that arrives. I got one more attempt left but i think it will have the same effect (which is making a mount image of the folder)

I just hope my computer guy can come take a look at my windows pc soon and hopefully find a quick way to fix it that doesn't involve using months (the only reason i use this guy is because my dad wants me to, i myself want to use a proper dealer where i know i get service within days rather than months)
If i hear that the machine is beyond repair then i will get a new one, i just hope that the hard drives are still ok so i can just shove them in the new pc (although i will probably just copy the old stuff and make em into some easy external drives while getting a couple of 500-750GB drives and use in the possible new pc)

I hope i don't need to get a new pc though. The current one still has alot of power in it and could still be useable a few years even as a gaming pc (counts double as long as i keep (Hasta la)-Vista away from it.)