I decided to give this drama a second chance after a friend said he wanted to live in Japan after watching it. XD And I really appreciate the entertainment this series brings me so far while there is no "plot tension" to keep me up all night sacrificing my sleep for a drama.

This drama, with four silly high school guys who run into the dilemma between campeigning for the virtue of virginity and craving for their first sex, really reminded me of my old middle school days back in Taiwan. No, I did not dress myself like an angel that walked around reminding people how much the condom industry has accomplished. I was not one of those couples who hid in the school corner with their darkest unspeakable secrets until they were discovered by the authorities and had to be lectured by the dean. Me, along with two of my closest buddies, were just helplessly idealistic girls who occasionally found the excuse to self-sympathize when we compared ourselves to another trinity of our class: the three super hot BFF who had the ability to make the classroom flooded with their birthday gifts or Christmas presents on occasions, who probably had the power to change the weather since they had the power to change the men. Comparing to them, we were a combo that's just slightly off the context of winning over the crowd... We were those who loved to overdramatize something we saw or read, who enjoyed participating in class contests or school festivals to immerse ourselves in the idealistic ends for our ideas to be recognized. Well, I had an interesting middle school class that brought me with many good memories. But those memories were also mixed with the slightly silly and whimsical stuff that we did or said, including getting ourselves so hyped up with the thought that "one day true love will come~~~" while playing volleyball in P.E. class. XD

The memories were really brought back when one of my buddies popped up with their MSN window informing me of her romantic affair while studying aboard could possibly turn into marriage. While I was mixed with surprise and excitement, it did make me wonder a bit...

1. Wow, time has surely flied. I wonder how is each one of us in my middle school class has grown into. XD And I really wonder where I am now flowing in this river of... "fate" with its own rhythm. Is this what lies ahead? An endless confusion of fulfillment?

2. And, oh god. Silly memories of the past. XD

Goodbye, orange days~ <3 :cry :cry :cry