I do not generally blog, but this seemed as good a place as any to start putting my brain goo out there...so we are going to start with:

Spirituality, is having to do with the human spirit as opposed to the physical side of things. Something we have forgotten, and in many cases willingly sold in exchange for shiny toys and flashing lights.
In our race to replace religion with something new, we held up science as the vaunted new path, while apathy and greed (not so) quietly turned Capitalism into our new religion, when no one wanted to look Gleefully looting and plundering while we watched our Celebrities and deliberately avoided looking past them?
Hungrily we buy what they tell us to buy, wear what they tell us to wear, and be who they wish us to be. Which is Sheep. Or if you prefer, economic serfs.
Everywhere you look, your culture is being decided for you by corporations using ?Cool Hunters? then turning what they find into watered down and mass-produced ?culture?, made in countries where minimum wage and human rights are the words of dangerous anarchists upsetting the delicate stability of the Free Trade Zones?
Daily a barrage of Television rushes in to fill our minds before knowledge can get there, crowding out sensory input that lacks its easily digestable thirty second flashes of pseudo-humour and messages. The messages usually consist of ?buy this and girls will fuck you? or ?buy this and everybody will wish they were you..? ironic messages for electric shavers or breakfast cereal I must add?
In a time when we can learn with so little effort, there is this apathetic disinterest to make even that miniscule effort; Instead, relying on boxes of flashing images to educate you regardless of the impartiality, or quality, simply because it is easier.
We are becoming more and more zombie-like, content to perform meaningless jobs selling meaningless shit for minimum wages?.and then we spend our minimum wages in lethargic excitement on meaningless shit sold by other retail zombies.
There is a rot infesting the arts and images of the world on our boxes of light, one founded in pure self-serving greed, the kind of greed that devours nations. A desire for us to buy only what they command, eat what only they desire and do so in unswerving loyalty to their almighty Brand Names!
In the face of this constant barrage of plastic-princesses and manly ?heroes? telling us that all we want is sex and ?respect? we lose sight of our humanity and souls. We stop caring enough about anything other than our materialist desire for instant gratification, that by the time we die?it is too late to have lived or experienced real life.
Now, when you could with a few clicks of a mouse, explore hundreds of different belief systems or millions of passionate and amazing musicians, you (and/or most people around you) choose instead to turn to the television or radio instead of dealing with the deeper questions. Distraction is so much less effort is it not?
Religion often fails the educated, and science frightens the uneducated, with the extremes of both often taking up the most vocal stances in ?debates? ?twixt the two. This carnival-like spectacle of course merely serves to reinforce the false belief that the two are in contention and can never be allied. Which ofcourse provides the average lazy ass-face with a convenient excuse to avoid thinking about either in any depth?
For the average human, questions like, ?why am I here??, ?is it really right to imprison someone for go to prison for criticizing the President?? or ?why does my heart flutter when she looks at me like that?? are easily answered by the images on the box. They seem to have all the answers, or at least, they claim to.
We lose touch with the glorious beauty of sexual contact, and personal human touch. We are letting the arts die because they find it easier to mass produce less interesting clones by thousands?
Now is a time, when you can willingly throw off the shackles and find out the truths on your own.

I am Prophet.

I carry within my dark and grubby little soul, the keys to the next wave of spiritual awakening. In my psychotic dreams, and terrifying visions I see the world as it could be, as it might be and as it is. I dance daily with demons in my own mind, turning in an elegant waltz through madness and genius, flowing from manic creation, to stagnant depression. I dabble but do not master, for I am prone to fits of obsessions, flowing from one into another, leaving behind much and carrying with me a core of what I absorbed. Yet I strive. I struggle and stretch to grow, in mind and soul, physically and historically. With all that I have learned and seen, I know what is needed, and for years steered clear in fear of the responsibility it would bring?..
Time passed and I changed, friends came and friends left, I hurt, and was hurt by others, through both of our actions or lack there of. I explored the depths of my weaknesses, and stared my own failures in the face. I did not win every fight, but I came away with my soul intact. I began to see the evidence of something amazing in my face, and the more I read the more I began to realize it. I can think. I. CAN. THINK. I am self-aware, capable of experiencing the physicals beauties of life, but the conceptual and esoteric things as well. The ability to appreciate a good story or song, a beautiful sunset or the cold chill of fear, is unique to our species.
All of our great advances are nothing compared to that miracle. They are all BECAUSE we can think of ourselves as I. That we can conceptualize abstract concepts and put it to sounds in such a way as to make a stranger thousands of miles away weep when the sounds are then repeated in their presence.
Nothing we know can tell us why, we can only vaguely guess at the multitudes of how?s that make up the super-computer inside each of our skulls. Nothing we know can yet tell us why the Big Bang happened, or why ours is the only planet that we know of capable of supporting life?.?
There is an answer there, but I am not going to tell you what it is. You are going to have to work for your own fucking enlightenment. I did.
No, as Prophet I am here to guide you along this growth. We have grown past the need for one person to tell us what IS God, Allah, or the Fundamental Laws of Everything is or should be. We stand now at a fork, where each of us can reach out and find most of those answers for ourselves.
Jesus died painfully, and you used his name to murder woman and Saracens, Mohammed gave you equality and egalitarianism and you used his words to enslave women and murder infidels, Buddha gave you enlightenment and you turned his belly into a good luck charm, while raping his country with glee?.
Well...I give you the finger. Left hand. Middle finger. Short one joint. Take a good look at it (metaphorically speaking).
I give you advice, and I put to words concepts that are unknown to the average person?and outside of the average persons mental faculties to grasp.
I bring insults, jokes and parables, I offer encouragement, artistry and conceptual writings.
I will not give you miracles, your very fucking existence is a miracle. I will not heal the sick or part the seas, rain fire or spread disease. I am no shyster with ?Powers? to convince you of my Divine Right.
The gifts DE! Gave me, are those of intelligence, an understanding of human nature and a lifetime of learning. These are what I use to prove my Prophet-hood, through art, humour and literature.
Thus, regardless of my legitimacy, my words will always ring true because they are the words we all know deep down are right. Carved into our blurred and scarred souls, is Moral Law.

Prophet? You say. Show us your Prophecy!

This is a warning. The consequences of the next fifty years are going to determine wether our species grows, or disappears.
And this is a fucking prophecy. If changes are not made to the way we treat the planet, all that will survive of our ?Great Age of Wonders? will be ruins haunted by the scattered and decimated descendants picking through the rubble for salvageable tools or foodstuffs. Nature wins when pushed.
Besides, the planet is a living entity, self-aware or not, she (for I do think of the earth as a female) exists as a living creature through the countless sub-systems of life within her. Sub-systems we are killing in order to emulate our favourite televised personality of the week.
I am not speaking from some neo-tribal belief in the living oneness or esoterically. I mean literally. Go look up the Gaia Hypothesis. The planet is a visibly living creature, a creature that gave rise to us, and that exists as a delicate balance of ecosystems from the depths of the ocean to the highest air currents beneathe the ozone layer. All of which we apathetically say we cannot fix, before doing further damage. Fuck you.
You live because she lives. Period. If humanity is forced to evacuate the planet most of you lazy shit-fucks will not be along for the ride, but the lazier fat rich-fucks who got richer off of all this will be. Then what? Move from planet to planet ripping them up to make more malls and Brand name concepts? Are we to be intergalactic cancer? Locusts devouring and destroying the universe, in its ravenous search for more?
The survivors of what is coming may well end up like that?but most of the Billions of humans are in for a well-deserved hell on earth, brought on by greed, apathy and ignorance fattened at televisions greasy trough.
I will probably never live to see the day when someone looks back at my writings and says??fuck me, that asshole was right!? But This is my cross-time ?I fucking told you so!?