Well I don't expect this to be popular but what the hell.

Out of boredum I was watching random videos of astronomy. I was curious and have always been about the size of our solar system and beyond. the video I watched had scaled the size of our planet and Solar system compared to others. I was amazed when I found out the size of some of the stars out there. The Sun is freakkin small, hell out universe is small when compared to some of the other things out there.

For instance the size of our sun is about 1,392,500 Km. Pretty big right? Man was I wrong. Some of the other stars are much more impressive in terms of volume I believe. These are not all of them as I didn't feel like naming them all.

Sun: 1,392,500 km
Sirus: 2,506,500 km
Pollux: 6,962,500 km
Rigel: 86,335,000 km
Betelguse: 905,125,000 km

The largest know one is called VY Canis Majoris. It is not even in this video. The last star shown is the VV Cephi According to the video it can fit about 7,000,000,000 suns volume wise. The guy who did this video got his source from NASA and I must say it's a pretty amazing video.


Watch if you want..and be amazed to see how insignificant we are..knowing that there could be even bigger stars than this out there. Watching this makes me certaint there is life somewhere out there...but we are to far apart to ever meet.