I suppose I should write something that is at least somewhat thought provoking that isn?t based off of twelve year old cartoon characters; just so that I delude myself into believing that I too, can be a deep introspective individual. Just to warn you, I flashback often to publicschool and I go in about five different tangents so my thoughts are not exactly cohesive. But what my thesis is supposed to be is somewhere along the line of: Racial elitism sucks the big one.

Fob: Acronym for Fresh Off the Boat. In this case, it refers to a Korean who recently moved to America (though Fob is used for different ethnicities).

Spoiler: Some personal background or something

I?m half Korean, half Caucasian. I also moved to an Army base in Korea and spent a good portion of my childhood there before I moved back to the states when I was twelve. I?m much more American than I am Korean, but I?m comfortable with being in Korean society. I can walk around Itaewon and shop- not knowing the language and not feel out of place. I?m at a very odd medium where I can say both American and Korean but not really either, I grew up in both Korea and America- but not really. Basically, I?m a culture mutt.

I figure myself fortunate that when I moved back, I moved back to a place with a strong presence of Koreans. Or mostly.

When I reached my highschool years, I noticed how remarkably cliquey that the Fob Koreans are. I understand and respect the fact that when you are in another country, everyone naturally forms a group of people of the same. I don?t have a problem with that (on a side note: I hate it when people say ?AMG ur in America, speak American English!!111? What the hell, they weren?t talking to you, why should they). However it came to the point where they were so walled off with everyone else that it actually stunted their language growth. My school?s Korean population actually had a horrible reputation for being so closed from everybody else that other Koreans use to talk about them. How stupidly ignorant do you have to be to never interact with the people of the country you moved too?

But even more so, I was turned off by the way they looked down on second generation Koreans (Koreans that were born and raised in America). Fobs hate ?twinkies? (or so they call them, yellow on the outside, white on the inside), which I never quite understood. A friend of mine once told me that it was because when Fobs ask them who they identify with, they always say ?American? first. It was as if they are betraying their nationality.

Excuse me, but get your heads out of your collective asses. Being of a particular race doesn?t mean they have to swear loyalty to the country of someone else?s choice. They didn?t grow up in the same culture as you, of course they?re not going to be like other Koreans, you idiot. Even more so, hating someone because they aren?t ?Korean enough? is nothing short of inane rubbish. There?s no daily quota of ?Asianish? one has to fulfill in order to actually be Asian.

There?s always a certain pride, when you are growing up, that you are Korean (more than likely any other minority race also experiences this). Or atleast, I was fairly proud of being half. However, after awhile it comes down to more or less, your parent going ?AMG, You aren?t Korean. Real Koreans consume textbook and shit out A averages, then they become pharmacists and save all their money-all the time. You can?t be a real Korean your eyes fall out of your head and you nearly die of sleep deprivation because you are always studying, AMG!? After that, one gets pretty disenchanted with trying to ?prove? you are Korean enough. I grew up with only one Korean parent and a pinch of Korean culture, it would probably be remarkably difficult for someone with both Korean parents and didn?t conform to their beliefs.

In general, don?t fucking expect KoreanAmericans to be just like Fobs. Hell, don?t expect somebody from your own race, regardless of where they grew up, to act and think like whatever your perception of what the perfect Asian/Black/Indian/Hispanic/What the fuck ever. Elitist Fobs need to stop believing their superior to them because they eat ?these? kinds of foods, watch ?these? kind of shitty, overly whiney Korean dramas (I didn?t watch them when I was in Korea, why should I like them now? Arughsadasda), believe in ?these? kind of things, etc. Being more ?Korean? doesn?t necessarily make them smarter, prettier, more interesting, or more culturally sophisticated. I never felt uncomfortable around a group of Koreans whilst in Korea, but it says something when there's something unnerving about being with Marylander Koreans.

In short: If you suspect yourself of being a racial elitist; do everyone else a favor and stab yourself in the face.

Because we don?t have the time or the patience to play your race game.

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