Had a dream about her last night, oddly enough. In my dream I saw a horse, the most beautiful buckskin horse with a coat that looked like it was made of suede. I remember asking a person next to me in the dream, what is that color? And they said 'it's called sook'. And I thought hey, that's neat, I know someone named sook...i'll have to tell her that. How bizarre.

Anyway, she's an artist and apparently seems to have finally been 'discovered'. Not just admired in the realms of DA but actually might get shown in a gallery-type-thing.

sook, that's amazing, i'm so proud of you and so happy for you. Keep it up, I shall follow your career with great interest :)

In the meantime I wonder where the rest of my girls are...shrym, lunie, foofinator...hmm..

Well, this entry was for sook - good thoughts going your way and all that. <3