So here I am sitting in dream space. My cock is hard as fucking granite and I'm seeing shit you wouldn't believe. I am seeing Mickey Mouse punch it out with Teddy Roosevelt while Taft places bets with money pulled from his fat folds. Am I stone cold crazy? Am I? I can't fucking believe this shit? I don't think I'm high am I? Did those idiot friends of mine give me something? I thought it was dinner. Shit, I thought they were being nice but what the hell is this.
I'm tripping balls.
I can't be asleep can I? I can feel, taste, and smell everything. Holy God, I can see forever. Why? Why me? Where am I going? What am I going to do? I can hear thundering drums beating out a tribal rhythm. My ocular sensations turn to natives in ceremonial dress fucking on my couch. What is all this? They are just unfing away. Why is this happening to me?
Perhaps because my brain loves sex.
I feel like betting on Mickey Mouse.