Have I ever told you about the walls people put up?
I don't like them.
Stick anyone in a social environment and they instantly turn into what they think everyone wants them to be.
They hide themselves from the world, and it's near-impossible to get them out of that shell. Even taking them away from that--they've already shown you the fake them, and they don't want to admit they were lying.
Sometimes they forget what was underneath that shell entirely.

I love seeing people admit to a little bit of fear--it proves they're still human after all. Because if you're afraid of something, and you admit it openly, you're willingly showing weakness, and that's something honest and real and true. I live to hear people talk about their weaknesses, and to find people who I can talk to about mine. It's important. Honesty and openness are two things that are fucking difficult to come by.
It's not easy being open, but unlike everything that is easy, it's real.

Oh, by the way.
I'm scared to death that you'll read these entries and think I'm just like everyone else.