So, the earliest I can remember in the dream is seeing Kamina(not sunny) himself. Cape and all. Not only is he there, Simon and Yoko too. (I think Rossiu may die now, fucking dream! ; ;) So, we were all on Arc-Gurren methinks, and we landed on some weird stone cliff which was miles/km wide, and apparently was some sort of base.

Arc-Gurren was running low on supplies and the base was empty it seemed. We enter the base, and I find some control panel thingy where I can see the post counts of multiple people (I dunno what for lol) and it turns out some guy called Kaminal le de something was at number 1 with 547 posts. I don't know why. >_>

So then, we are in the supply room, and surrounded by food. Cereal, chips, sodas, everything, and we start looting the place. (By now, my brother has also become part of the dream, probably because he was walking around finishing off the chicken salad, that bastard) We're ready to walk on out of the place to Arc-Gurren and suddenly, guards show up pointing their guns at us.

So now, it's all, we're fucked. Those guards had what looked like guns that could kill us in a shot(I'll post later what I figured out the guards were :lmao). So, some old bearded version of Nia's grandfather(?) in live action form showed up. The guards were all like "How have these guys escaped before, it was so easy and funny!" and the old dude was "If it's funny, laugh", and the guards seem to be prepared to lol, and we suddenly are able to get out past the two guarding the door to a platform near Arc-Gurren, and escape. I commence waking up.

Arc-Gurren wasn't really Arc-Gurren, that's just what we called it. And the guards were exact clones of LOS's signature pic of Samus. XD

I think I fucking love this series now, more than ever now that I dreamt about it. :scry

As for my day so far...

I've had to construct two tables that my mom got at Lowes, in the hot sun. You have to use these tiny little hand wrenches that my mom and bro-in-law had trouble with, I had it easier probably because my fingers are slightly slimmer and have better muscle memory. It took me a while because I couldn't explain the concept to my broinlaw (he's from El Salvador) in spanish that if he kept tightening the screws I'd have trouble getting them in. :arg Other than that, today's been great.

Also wish happy birthday to Kat/Dark_wolf247, she's an awesome age of 16 now and she's the Pudding of Puddings. :awesome