Boredom is a word that's thrown around alot. To say that I'm bored is really lying. I'm quite content with my state of being at this moment. It's just I feel pressured to be doing something else other then typing this entry. I could be reading Angel Sanctuary or working on my story or playing Persona 3 or God forbid studying for my final exam!:omg

Anyway, what I come to you with today is just some simple ramblings about my failures in my current writing projects. So I'm sitting here looking at my story and I've got the plot all layed out, planned path introduced new characters new locations withing locations ect. But dammit if I can go where I'm going. At least without making it sound repetitive. Right now I'm trying my damndest not to be repetitive in sentences. I want everything to flow beautifully but I just can't. I know and have been told I'm pretty good with plot. But dammit I just can't get a poetic flow going. I could probably just half ass it and push through without care. But then I just wouldn't feel right. I have so many plans for this story and I can't implement them because of these tiny little nitpicks.

Aaaah! The frustration! I mean I have so many places to go. Many epic duels to play out, many jokes to tell. I should really stop bitching. Because nothing will ever be truly perfect and also there's always editing. Though the desire to get it as close to perfect, as close professional as possible the first time just gnaws at me. Oh the literary arts!


Good day to you, good folks.