So how am I doing so far? Anyway, I'm hyped up for my novel, but I think I may have reached the end of my short burst. It's really too bad because I'm about to reach a highly emotional and climactic event. It's also going to be a major transition in the story as well. A sort of awakening of character and redefining of character relationships. As I'm sure many do I love writing, those moments as much as I do reading them, perhaps even moreso when writing.:amuse I've been kinda really thinking about what people will think when I finally unveil my revised story. I'm hard at work fixing character inconsistencies, out of character moments. From what it looks like my story is probably going to be a long one. I'm looking to explore a vast world pretty thoroughly. I 'm constantly thinking of various side plots I might want to explore.

At this current pace I've mentioned I'm kind of moving at Gurren Lagann speed, which for what I'm trying to accomplish isn't necessarily the best thing. I also probably mentioned my attempts to expand certain areas. There just some parts that I blew through waaaay too quickly, probably to the point of missing my intended message completely. I'm definietely going to have to fix that in the third person version. So much work to do, so little patience.

So I lied about the spam.:awesome