Things have gotten much better since the first.
I scored about 7 points higher on the LSAT than I did last year.
My boyfriend forgave me, and I forgave myself as well. I'm doing things a lot differently now, and have been sticking to my resolutions. I'm back to praying every night, or otherwise just meditating - and it really helps me to change my outlook on life. I've also decided to stop angsting so much over what may come.
This past year (or rather, semester) has been rough with us being apart. I graduated on time, and he's completing his fifth year, so we don't get to see each other very often. Next year make take us even further apart since we will both be pursuing our dreams, possibly even across the country. We're both a little scared, but neither of us is going to dwell on that.
He's the kind of person wo takes life one day at a time - I'm a planner, always trying to map everything out - but I'm trying to stay in the present right now too.