I figured an introduction is a long time overdue.

Ok, let me start by giving you my name. My name is Trond. I am from a long line of prideful norwegians and i am currently 21 years old.

I like to be the very mysterious person and i actually don't say much about myself but another truth is that there really isn't much to me if you get to know me. I enjoy most of what normal people do which is: music, movies a good book and of course to spend time with friends every chance i get.

Other than that i love doing all kinds of stuff. Its not much i will say no to as i am into everything from paintball and gocart to just tagging along while my lady friends go shopping (although i can add i'm not a big shopper myself)

My most interesting side is more likely my opinions about things. The alone time i get i often sit and contemplate life, religion and all kinds of things while surfing or doing something else. I always try and see a logic and try to understand things i may not have understood or flat out rejected earlier. I consider myself very open minded to new things and i really do wish to hear what others have to say, i am very much the listener type of person.
Another thing about me is that my opinions have a habit of getting me the odd looks from the people i tell them to if they don't know me well enough. I will admit that they are odd enough even if you do know me, but they aren't unreasonable. Whenever my opinion is about something other than myself (usually everyone else) they do reflect that, just not in the way most expect them (which is where people mistake me alot) I do admit that i can be wrong but i won't back down from a debate if they honestly can't other than prove that they can also be right. (I am a firm believer in more than one answer)

And while i will always actually give the impression that i cast a shadow of doubt over others answer to a question (i actually do) i do not write of their answer, it just means that i think different but i accept that both sides don't know and i like to have a conclusive answer if i am to believe something.

And so not to bore you with anything more about myself, i will say these last few words;

I am a more interesting person in real life (i really suck at writing :p )

- Trond