Smile! Java loves you.

You know, after everything, I still believe I can make the whole world smile, if only for awhile.

I'm that guy. I'm worth a hug, a pat on the back, a listening ear, a crying shoulder, a grin or a joke or a story or just some sort of distraction from everything else. Come to me and I'll give you a piece of my soul, just for you. I have plenty to give. Keep it close, throw it away, give it back, tear it to pieces. Its yours, because I know there are days when you need it a bit more than me. And then days when I need it, I know there are people I can count on. And even if there aren't, I can pause, look at what I've given away and smile, because everything is someone else I've touched.

Too much baggage? Here, I'll give you a hand. Carry it to your car for you, take the load off for a little while. I won't let you unload your baggage on me (it's just as heavy to me!), but I'll sure as hell help you with it. Anytime you need it.

This is to every one of you. The wishers and the dreamers and the hopeless romantics. The ambitious and the going-nowhere. The rebels and the average joes, the thieves and the liars and the addicts, the killers and the almost dead. The givers and the takers, the grinners and the scowlers, the softspoken and the always-heard.

I have a smile for you. Won't you come take it?

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