Getting up at 6:00 am isn't fun, It's satudary so I got a full 12 hours of sleep. I feel a bit refreshed but turns out It's almoist lunch time. I've been fiddling away the time today searching around the forums for smething interresting turns out most tards aren't around right now so I can't have mcu h fun. I've really been trying to fit in but even though I joined 06 I still have nno clue where the hell to go in these forums so if somebody would like to help me out a Pm would be great. Also My shop isn't going well at all if you don't mind just click the link in my signature titled POPart and You'll see at least try to request something since I'm getting completely bored. Secondly I have no clue what a blog was :sweatdrop so after about 20 minutes online google searching things about it I finnaly came to the conclusion that it's like a diary or a journal that others can read. I'm glad they added one on here.