Growing up is learning to walk on water, and still finding reasons to swim.​

I would not consider myself "grown up", nor would I consider myself particularly mature, at any rate, and yet I find myself pondering: what exactly happened to me? An actual job, as opposed to the odd job, or a temporary one does not seem as something that would be drastic, or chaning in any form, and yet, I find myself different than I remember. Things change. Certainly, I'm not a different person, but I don't really find myself being myself all the time.

Supposedly the changing point.

Work is work, regardless of where, or how long, but as I start working later, and longer, I don't seem to have the time I once did. I'm not even out of my teens, and I feel old; I don't have a hard job, but I feel tired when I come home; I have it easy, but I feel like I'm overwhelmed; I don't have much life experience, but people keep asking me for directions. I'm terrible at directions.

I don't get it.

It must be something else, but I don't know what. Nor am I sure I'll ever find out. Does this happen to everyone?

and yet;

and yet;

There's alway something, isn't there?