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Tobi - The Dark Lord (Owner)
The Guts FC (Owner)
The Yoda FC (Owner)
The Dark Naruto FC (Creator of Awesomeness)
The Hidden Village of Win (Co-Owner)
The Killer Doors FC (Creator of Awesomeness)
Uchiha Madara=God FC (Co-Owner)
The Empire
Argh...The great NF united Pirate fleet...FC; argh
Church of Kamina
The Legend's of Tobi FC
The Killer Wooden Giraffes of DOOM! FC
The Tobi FC
The Anti-Tobi=Obito FC
..:A True Leader~The Uchiha Madara Fc:..
Uchiha Madara=God FC
Pein Requires Buttsecks FC
The Shut Up Your Not Japanese FC
Monkey D. Luffy FC
The Roronoa Zoro FC
Uzumaki Academy
The Lazy FC
The spartan FC