Shin Angyo Onshi

Cover for Volume 12. One of my favorite covers. :3
Main character, Munsu (The guy with black hair)

Author: In-Wan Youn
Artist/Mangaka: Kyung-Il Yang
Serialized in: Monthly Sunday Gene-X

A Korean manga published in Japan. It is also said by the creators as a presentation of Korean culture to Japan.

Wikipedia said:
Shin Angyo Onshi takes place in a fictional country named Jushin, which is modelled after feudal Korea. In Jushin, there once lived secret government agents called angyo onshi, who traveled the countryside in disguise. They were charged by the king to find and punish corrupt government officials, and bring justice to the country's citizens.

At the start of the series, Jushin has been destroyed, fractured into numerous fiefdoms and kingdoms, many of which are ruled by corrupt and tyrannical warlords. Shin Angyo Onshi follows the adventures of one of the remaining angyo onshi, Munsu, as he continues to wander the countryside and deals with the chaos caused by Jushin's fall.

Though initially episodic in nature, it becomes apparent that Munsu's travels are not random as the series progresses. In truth, Munsu is searching for the man responsible for assassinating his best friend, the king of Jushin, an act that lead to the fall of the country.

But as Munsu grows closer to reaching his goal, he also encounters old friends and comrades from his past, some who have since switched their allegiance to his enemy. Through them, it is revealed that Munsu was not always an angyo onshi and is himself partly responsible for the king's death and subsequent fall of Jushin.

In addition to the overarching plotline, the series also uses the exploits of Munsu and his companions to retell various Korean folk stories.

Genre: Dark Fantasy/Fantasy, Seinen, Action, Adventure, Romance, Drama
Number of Volumes: 17
Series Run: 2001-2007

I highly recommend it. It's not your ordinary action/drama manga, it's extremely epic and very artistic. The characters are all very likeable and definitely shine. The main antagonist is also one of the best there is. Oh, and not to mention Munsu, the Protagonist of the series. He's not your typical badass hero, but a very evil complex character that really makes you wonder why he's the one fitted for the role of main character (and yes, he's the only one suited for the role :pek).

The arcs are based on different Korean Folklores with the twist of the writer's own style. You'll find yourself very amazed by the stories and it all adds up to the main plot that will keep you reading and reading... and reading.

I give it...

Story: 10/10
Art: 10/10

Now go read.

Here's Volume 1 - DDL

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