With the uptmost seriousness he said, "Well then what good are you?" His eyes faintly amused, lips set in a half smile. His body language was relaxed, hands set upon his narrow hips.

A moment of shock. A moment of hurt. Then all energy was channeled in a white, cold rage. "Consider me gone." Eyes narrowed, lips curled up in a snarl. As mother lion she rallied 'round her cub like heart.

The slam of the door wasn't loud enough and sharp enough for her liking, but the look of utter betrayal on his face and the satisfying crack in the door frame more than made up for it.

I am not that girl.

I am not your blushing bride that will bring you nothing but honor. I will not bake your pies, raise your young, and welcome all of your friends into the home. I am not a bright smile and carefree hugs. I am not sunshine and clear blue skies.

I will tell you this much.

I am that woman.

I share secret smiles and laughter that lights up the night. I'm the woman you call late when everyone else sleeps and confess your sins to. I am the woman that warms your real bed and under my hands you are made divine.