A blog title I would not have chosen years ago.

When I was a teenager, I was timid, insecure, and lost. I sat in the back of class, surrounded by jocks waiting to copy my homework, rarely spoke up, and kept to myself and a few close friends. Precisely, I was never a part of any crowd, not the nerds, not the jocks, not the stoners, but just me, myself, and a few friends that I've since lost in touch with. My feeble attempts at fitting only resulted in further embarrassment and insecurities.

I no longer miss those days.

I'm not sure what prompted the change, but as soon as I graduated from high school I became a completely different person. I embraced who I was including the strengths, weaknesses, imperfections, and quirks. I no longer felt obligated or pressured into comforming to an identity that wasn't me. I felt confident, I felt alive, I felt liberated.

In recent years, I've come to the conclusion that I'm somewhat shameless about who I am both in my offline and online life. Quite frankly, there are few differences between the two. Of course, I don't divulge all my details as I prefer maintaining some privacy, but I'm not afraid to tell people my likes and dislikes no matter how bizarre and outlandish they can be.

Its easier that way and it makes my life happier as well. Hating yourself for who you are, being someone that you are not, and compromising yourself to fit in are not roads towards happiness, but paths that engender more insecurities than you previously had.

All my friends know my eclectic interests include: basketball, interior design, manga, 19th century American history, obsessions with colored pens and highlighters, Elie Tahari and Stuart Weitzman supporter, among other random things.

It doesn't make me unique, however, it makes me me.

So love yourself, be yourself, and liberate yourself.