I have always enjoyed the struggle in life, though if you were to ask me whilst I was immersed in it I would vehemently reply that you're an idiot to think I enjoy it. It's the walking through fire, on glass, and on eggshells that stirs my blood. It gives me meaning. My passions are rough and unbridled, and there is beauty in that when the rest of the world is so gray and tame.

I thrive on shaky footing with eyes wide and hands grasping air. I thrive when breathless.

I guess it suits my passionate personality. I've always been too much and not enough, and I live more often in extremes than in balance. My being has always been divided by a strong, raw emotional self an a cool logical self. Neither of which likes to get along with the other and they rarely agree on anything.

I guess there is so much to be said right now, and I simply cannot articulate my thoughts... or if I could it would not be possible for me to feel I have done them proper justice for the sheer intensity of what I feel.

So, restless and with too many thoughts I am going to engage in the process... because I think that is the closest to peace that I will be afforded in life. I am closer to me and closer to you when I am immersed in it, and I am a much more myself after I have been "away" for a while.

I only wish I could share it. That I could teach it to you.

If you were here, I would peel the layers of what you see yourself as away and reveal to you what I see. I would make you see what I see and feel as I feel, and I would do my best to open that unique world of perception to you.