Searching for a job, as an unqualified, out of highschool moron, has to be one of the most mind numbing, vexing experience I've ever had to endure.

My monetary existance is dependant on the whims of people who deserve just as much scrutiny as I do in their position. I sit, waiting for people to contact me, after being told the "We'll call you if we're interested" bullshit, hoping that someone more foolish than myself is the only other applicant, then just maybe, my meager qualificatios might shine through the myriad of usesless business jargon slapped on because it's "Standard." The process in and of itself is a joke; an inadvertant ego stroking; a exageration of mild accomplishments, and their effect on society. Instead of saying I worked here, it goes as such: "I facilitated the exponential use of responsibilities, all while valuing diversity and ambition, within the confines of an engaging and enduring business envoirnment."

When I was young, I thought the Grown Ups were grown up. Well, the more you age, the more you realize adults are children without innocence, kids with more power, cranky infants with the ability to make others feel as bad as they do. Maturity is an arbitrary definition created by those who feel the need to seperate themselves from their peers. It does seperate them, labeling them as insecure blowhards with too much stock placed in this illusion of maturity. The difference between those I view as adults, and those as large children is thinking about others than yourself. It only takes a child to have money, things and power in this world, it takes an adult to care about others the way you care about yourself.

Recent musical obsessions from Doc. :awesome

Tub Ring (Bungle Punk/Metal)
Blackalicious (Hip Hop, son, for the Doctor)
Pain of Salvation (Prog Metal at it's finest)

Cheers, world. :nod