Ok, well

Today is Saturday. More or less I'm pretty happy about that other than the fact that I go back to my monotonous yearning for Fri....this week!
Luckily Fri. is teacher in service day
So Akemi sensei, Karin-sensei, and Kyoko-sensei will be in service and I, AKi Inoue...will be out!

I just got a video game and am going to install it soon... the Movies...its called. You get to make a movie (yay) will get me in practice for amvs and my future currently nonexistent career (FCNC:cry)
Its rated teen for just about everyhting from blood to humor....its because of all the diff. genres combined. It'll be cool to post the vids on YOutube! Oh, yeah! Now I want to go install it.....be bAck later maybe... to tell oyu more like the manga I am helping my little brother with...

Peace OUT!

Aki Inoue!