What?s amazing about these actions isn?t their individual impact, but what they say about Sakura when they are added together (especially considering that I didn?t list them all). In many ways, her small kindnesses mean more than any grand heroics. As, she shows that sometimes it isn?t the long term effects of actions or, even, the short term ones or their flashiness that prove their worth. Sometimes, it?s the feeling behind them; the attempt to make those you care about feel better, even if it?s only for a few seconds.


::A Surgeon?s Heart::

?Looks like you've trained another Tsunade.?

Compassion for others and an ability to empathize, easily the most intelligent female we have come across, chakra control nearly unparalleled and has probably only gotten better with the passing years, confidence in her decisions and an innate desire to take care of those around her (probably instilled from watching others get their ass beat trying to protect her ), and other skills as a shinobi (i.e. taijutsu and genjutsu) which would allow her to keep herself safe while staying a part of the fighting, making sure she is where she needs to be to heal.

Not to mention a knowledge of flora and fauna that allows her to succeed in the manufacture of antidotes relatively easily and quickly.

From what we have seen in the manga, Sakura is quickly on her way to becoming the perfect med nin. She is already exceeding the skills of her predecessor (in particular areas). And, I imagine that one day soon, even Sakura?s level of experience will trump that of other medics (excluding Kabuto, for obvious experimentational reasons ^^).

This increases her value to the Team. Even with their regenerative abilities, Naruto can?t break down poison that?s gotten into his system. Sasuke doesn?t heal as fast as he needs to. And, Kakashi...

Well, he seems to sleep in hospital beds more often than he sleeps in his own.

Now, a number of people seem to discount this skill, claiming that the number of female medic nins somehow makes their skill valueless. Not only is this a rather idiotic idea, but it does not take into account Sakura?s advanced ability or the small skills that aid her ability to heal both the body and soothe the heart. It does not take into account that Sakura?s skill is needed. It does not take into account the fact that she is not a carbon copy of Tsunade, but an ever-changing Sakura, whose constantly improving the base that she has been given.


::What It Takes To Lead::

"I believe you have the potential to bloom into something even more beautiful than the cosmos"

Now, I?m about to say something that few people, if anyone, will agree with. It?s entirely opinion and without basis beyond my own personal interpretation of characters and their actions. And, it draws partially on my love for Sarutobi and how my mind inexplicably connects his personality and gifts as a shinobi with Sakura?s. But...

If I could choose who the next Hokage was, then I?d pick Sakura.

Of course, if Tsunade died in a week (manga time), then I might need to change that sentence. But, in general, I see Sakura having greater potential to become an amazing Hokage than any of the other hopefuls. She may not have Naruto?s chakra capacity or a single jutsu that can be used to defeat one great enemy. But, Sakura does have a diverse set of other abilities to make up for that lack, and greater ability in the areas of long-term planning and paperwork.

No matter how much Naruto grows over the years, he will always be a shinobi suited for the field, as opposed to the office (where the Hokage spend at least half of their time). Not only that, but Naruto works better as an active fighter rather than a tactician, directing forces and planning out future shinobi in team placements. Also, some might say that Sakura doesn?t have Naruto?s ability to inspire followers. Yet, Ino, Lee, Naruto, Sasuke, Chiyo, etc. beg to differ.

Sakura does have the ability to influence the thoughts and feelings of others. It is just quieter and more useful in a diplomatic setting, as it?s less likely to turn one party into the good and one into the bad (like Naruto sometimes can).

Sakura doesn?t have Sasuke?s skill, but she does have empathy, concern for others, and has been shown to care for a number of people, regardless of how close she is to them personally (i.e. Suna). Add to this her ability to lead others easily and without garnering complaint (i.e. directing the treatment of Kankuro) and Sasuke?s lack of real leadership when it comes to Team Hebi (i.e. he hasn?t actually done much besides draw on their skills as he needs them nor does he try to keep up morale), and she seems to come out on top.

With Kakashi, Sakura merely exceeds him in potential and ambition. He gave up years before, and she pushes on no matter what.

It isn?t that I think Sakura?s the strongest fighter, the smartest, or the best at much of anything. It?s not even that I think of her as being the most diverse, when it comes to ability. It?s that she seems to have a healthy balance of all possible qualities that might help in the making of a perfect Hokage (although, anyone reading this judgement must take into account that my standard of the best Hokage, so far, is Sarutobi...for the length of time that he led and his actions during said leadership).

In the end, Naruto or Kakashi will be the next to lead. But, I can?t help thinking that the country might see better growth and prosperity under the leadership of Sakura.


Sakura isn?t in my top five favorite characters. Kakashi is number one. So, I hope the above won?t be seen as too biased of a judgement or Sakuratarded. Because, it wasn?t meant to.


::The Chain That Links, The Arms That Hold::

"The bond between the people important to you ever since birth and the string that binds them becomes thicker and stronger as time goes by... It's beyond reason."

From the very beginning, Sakura served as the physical bond between Naruto and Sasuke. During some of their very first fights, protecting Sakura?s safety was the one thing that they could agree on. And, even now, the continuation of that bond (materially), lies in Naruto?s promise to Sakura, the promise to bring back Sasuke. While their similar pasts and deep-seated feelings for one another tie Naruto and Sasuke together emotionally, Sakura serves as the chain that forever links them to one another, in the physical world.

Not only does Sakura link her team together, she also links her boys to themselves.

?Stop...please, just stop.?

Sasuke?s CS retreats.

?Orochimaru attacked me...But, it only hurts a little. Don?t worry.?

Naruto?s tie to the Kyuubi is pushed aside.

In the end, the bonds of Team 7 would?ve faded or perverted themselves through loss of identity years ago, if not for the presence of Sakura. Her worth can be denied, but never truly reasoned away. She is necessary, an integral force, the biological symbol of Naruto and Sasuke?s bond. Considering the fact that Team 7's bond is one of my favorite aspect of the story, this makes Sakura a worthwhile character, regardless of her actual actions and personality.


::An Insatiable Thirst::


The more I learn about Sakura, the more she grows, the more information that is given, the less I feel as though I fully understand her character. Instead, I am left with this insatiable thirst. Her all-encompassing three dimensionality, beautiful character design, obvious flaws countered by beneficial qualities, ability to be honestly dishonest, all of it and more combine to create one of the most well-constructed and intriguing characters in the manga.

Whatever happens over the next ?x? number of chapters and no matter how Sakura must adapt and change and grow, this is one fact that will remain true.

I just wish I had the time and space to fully explain my feelings and thoughts. However, I hope this was enough to give you a good idea, all the same. Unfortunately, I am about to run past the character limit of this second post, and I want to stop before that happens. So, here it must end.