All my fave characters have no second names????? Tenten, Sai, Temari (no sabaku is not a surname whatever wiki says) WHY I ASK YOU, WHY??? Okey dokey moving on... SAI.

Ok thing is I hated him sooooo much. I mean really, the only reason I wanted him in the show was cause he does a certain amout of Sasuke bashing (:rotfl)! Then somthing happened, it was when he was painting and Sakura asks him what the title of the painting is. When he says:

'Even if I did that, it wouldn't have a title. I don't have any thoughts or feeling.'

And it just got to me, cause the idea of someone not having feelings, scares me half to death. And from that point on I felt sorry for Sai, because if he dosn't deserve pity... none of them do.