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Rush Hour? 2? Now what we need is this lame last part of the triolgy. what? Did I say lame?'ll love this movie as long as you're not a crictic...or watched part 1 and a fan of Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. (Chan is coool!)

I'll get back to lame part later. I like a movie because...of Jackie! He's the star of this story. See, three years pass, and Lee lost his girl (I dunno how....has to do with her almost being or just shot by Carter) and Han has finally found out about that terroist group's leader (terrorist group that seem to always be the main villians of every Rush Hour movie) and can, once and for all, put an end to it. However, he was shot and not killed but hopitalize. Lee and well as that daughter of Han that made her debut in the first part, are target, so what better way to stop them is to go to what may be their HQ, Paris!

I'll stop there. I don't want to spoil it to those who haven't I like this movie because of the action and the puns. If u know Chan, then u know you will have a pretty good time with Kung-Fu action and comedy mix together, esciallty the sword fight betwee Lee and his "brother". And the is a bit good.

That's where RH3 lose their grammy. The story, which is good to those who never seem RH, is fairly prediable. you can pretty much guess that the rich white man is the master mind of the story and the daugther will be the kidnap...again, as well as the break up of Lee and Carter and the bad guy will fall to his doom (like the other two parts) and the bad girl will get kill in a gory way, almost like part 2. The ending sucks bad. HEAR ME!!!! THE ENDING SUCKS!!!! I was expecting more on....I dunno...what will happen to Lee and Carter? what faith holds for Hans? what about his daugther? will Lee find love again? No no no, it is just "punch and dance" which bring that War song from the first movie and finish. No no no, a good movie has a good beganning and ends well. Speaking of, I was confuse at the begening. Geez.

Now I feel bad for Jackie....all that stunts for a somewhat sucky movie. So you can good see it for soem laugh and action and bloopers...and...that's it.

I give it a 2 out of 5.