I suppose I have to pay 15 on top of the 45.

And so goes another day's worth of food. And then some.

I think I'm back down to the original 8 days.

Well, now I'm off to meet Lukas so we can talk to the officials.

Oh, and I was stopped by two young girls outside my dormitory.

I'm tutoring someone else, again.

I gave them my email, so lets see what happens. Kekeke.

Ah, and I think I've missed the interview for today. To be honest, I'm not in the mood, and even if I asked for directions, I wouldn't know how to get there. I don't have money to call the girls who asked me to show, so...


Now, to see if I can steal some internet right quick from the blasted cafe so I can post the previous note.

6:18 P.M.

I feel much refreshed now that I have had a chance to do my laundry and just chill at my room for a bit. I feel oddly... calm about everything. Hmm. Perhaps it'd be a good time to start reading.

After I go filch some internet, that is.

Nothing much has occurred. I just watched some Firefly, and despite my situation, I'm... at peace. Eh. I'll post this soon enough. I doubt anything is going to happen. The plan is to go to the cafe, then return to read, study, and watch more Firefly. If David's still reading this, I just finished "Trash."

So, on that placid note, I sign off. : p