I don't play horror games. Yet I have a certain fixation on them that makes me look them up in magazines or online. My heaviest fixation is Silent Hill. It embodies my greatest fears. I am turning into something of a horror writer. This story has burrowed into the back of my mind recently and I thought it might make a good Silent Hill.

A man falls asleep in a hospital waiting room. We aren't told what or who the man is waiting for. He awakes to find himself standing in a snowy field inside a small empty town. He realizes he does not have a coat. It's supposed to be a dream but the chill is so real. The cold pierces him like a closed Iron Maiden. He wanders around the town wondering how a dream could be so harsh and feel so real. He finds his way to the nearest building, a small shack. On the inside he finds a cavernous space with a strange curvature to the walls. Something tells him that this impossible space is more dangerous than the cold. He turns back to find the door sealed behind him with a strange symbol that wasn't there when he closed it. Given no choice he explores the space.
Through this space he encounters the usual bizarre puzzles, the final puzzle he must solve while being harassed by arcane horrors. (Which he cannot fight conventionally because I like the no weapons thing of Shattered Memories) After the final puzzle is solved he wakes up with only five minutes passed. This is the first hour or so of the game. From here you go on playing his everyday life. Meet the man's wife, learn the man's name, learn his occupation, follow him to work. As he falls asleep in his cubicle desk he returns. The next time he wakes, he's in a meeting a half hour later in the middle of a sentence he doesn't remember starting.

Throughout the game you go between the man's life and the town in his "dreams", learn it's secrets, see the effects on the man's life. As time goes on the dream begins to spill over into his own reality. Somewhat like Silent Hill 4, you'll see your safety erode and the dream town and reality will seem one in the same. An urban nightmare over a rural one.
Along the way the man will meet many strange characters a girl name Holly searching for the town's heart. A man named Carlo fixated on someone he calls The Cameraman. On the real side there is the man's wife Jane, the man's co-workers Benjamin, Sara, and Luke, his boss Devon.

If I were to make this I'd be in a madhouse by the end. I'm pretty sure if enough people read this I'll catch crap for it but doesn't matter I'm too cowardly to play horror games. I like to write and read a little horror and fantasy fiction. Some of these ideas have haunted my days I think they would be good for touching some dreams. I believe there is much terror to be found in domestic life. This is a chance to explore a new branch of interactive horror. Horror that can get as personal and deep as anything can.

I have more detailed ideas but for those you have to ask.