For my own benefit, reoccurring thread listing for the HoU, for when I want to merge something that I see often but don't want to look through a bunch of threads with the search function. Things not listed in the sticked House of Uzumaki Directory. Edited whenever (last time - 9/5/07). Will probably set up some sort of pairing threads listing with Riema's help. :p

Dreams about Naruto

Favorite element

Favorite female Naruto character

Favorite jutsu

Favorite theme song (intro and ending)

Favorite village

Favorite Uchiha

Favorite Uchiha brother

If you had the power to revive one person...who would it be?

If you had one jutsu, which one would you choose?

If you could choose the Naruto characters' theme songs...

Music Naruto characters would listen to

Sasuke Gay or Straight (lol, seriously, why does this topic keep coming up?)

Create a character

Create a jutsu

Most overrated and underrated

When will Naruto end?

The Perfect Ending for Naruto

Who Will Sakura End Up With? Naruto or Sasuke?

Who will Naruto end up with?

If you could have sex with any girl or boy from Naruto, who would it be? (lol,

should this even be in existance in the HoU? Ah well.)

Who would be the best parent? Worst?

Things they would never say

What if they weren't ninja? (what jobs would they have?)

Which do you want: Sharingan or Byakugan

Are fillers worth watching?

You know you're obsessed with Naruto when...(you become a mod? XD)