How do you do it?

For the longest time I have been an atheist. The first moment of conflict I had was in a recent play-through of Fallout: New Vegas (yeah, really). When I played Honest Hearts, and met Joshua Graham again. Just hearing him talk made me begin to question my own atheism. It could just be his charisma as a character but whenever he talked that part of me that used to doubt about religion just wasn't there. I felt nothing but respect for the man. Specifically because of his belief instead of despite it. I wanted that confidence he had. I wanted to believe with absolute certainty that in the end there is light in the darkness.

For all of us.

I suppose the primary reason why I had doubt in the first place is the world itself. It is a hellhole. That's hard to reconcile with a benevolent God. And I never liked the explanation that "God works in mysterious ways." My personal belief is that his power is simply finite, and he can't fix everything without causing irrevocable damage.

I would like to hear some other people's take on faith. And what helped them believe again.