I question everything.

Spicy food is just wrong.

I wonder how dumb chicks are able to defy natural selection.

Too many people = too many problems.

Tasty lip balm is most excellent.

I don't wish on stars, I do what I desire.

Nothing hurts more than being accused or hated.

Fishing for compliments is one of my mad skills.

Mornings are never good to me.

There's nothing more disgusting than feet.

Prince Charming bores me.

School is the stain on my happiness.

Nobody ticks me off quite like my teachers.

Chocolate is another form of heaven.

Regrets are nothing more
than excuses to cause drama.

It seems like nobody has time for me anymore...

Jack Sparrow makes me happy in my pants. *drool*

I dig sharpies.

I respect other people's opinions.....uhh most of the time.

I hate onions & tomatoes.

I could use some help every now & then but I'll die b4 I admit it.

People think harsh things about me.

My life is messier than my room.

I get detention so much every1 says it's my second home.

I hate diet anything.

Its pop not soda!

I wanna punch Justin
Timberlake in his mangina.

Hey Ashlee Simpson... you're ugly and you can't sing! XD

If YoU tYpE lYkE dIs ArOUnD Me I'Ll FuCkInG KILL YoU

Im constantly embarassing myself.

I'm a ninja/pirate...... no lie...

I laugh at the most inappropriate times.

I always get my daily dose of monster drinks.

People tell me Im pretty all the time but I honestly dont believe them.

Im really really bad at school.

Im a great cook... You could say I taught Emeril everything he knows.... BAM !!

Just kidding, I suck at cooking :D:

Im one of the most disfunctional girls you will every meet.

I voted for pedro.

Im a harry potterhead.

And I think Dracos the hottest.

Rons the hottest sometimes.

Harry potter was sooo 5 years ago.

I hate gatorade.

Sasuke Uchiha is like YUM

Im always in a bad mood.

Black & pink are my favorite colors.

I think killing people should be perfectly legal, as long as u have a liable reason.

Naruto (The show, not just him, lol)= Love

I slang in my White Tee I bang in my White tee

Riding the bus to school is for the weak! XO

Three cheers for procrastination! I'll clap later

I like to watch Sponge Bob....:hehee

I have a mean right hook like uve never seen (or felt XD)

Im such a bitch.

Id let Aladdin show me his whole new world anyday No, i wouldn't... but its funny.

I think Hilary Duff should rot in hell with her lover Lindsay Lohan.

A guys sense of humor is the hottest thing about him.

Im serious...If u can make me laugh like no one else... Give me a minute 2 undress


I have no enemies *shot* Just kidding! T_T

Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.


I hate Naruto, but honestly, he so fuckin cute!!!! I just want 2 smother him in my boobs of death!

MONSTER DRINKS MAKE ME RIDICULOUSLEY HYPER!!! >_> <_< flkjflnjndcndcjdbnfousndf

I am such a freakin dork.

I'm always cold.

I wear hoodies in the summer.

My chain hangs low.

I have an elevator in my house.

Psht, I wish. I don't even have stairs.

Hoodies are amazing.

Sai from Naruto has a yummy tummy.

I r not two entellimuhgent.

I hate when people pretend to be smarter than they really r.

I'm hopeless.

A&F can lick my left nut...wait- no that's gunna be a problem...

I hate when 11 year olds say they 'love' someone, it pisses me off.

And I hate how 11 year olds have turned into such sluts.

Justin Timberlake is the devil. But I still want him in my bed.

My objective with this blog post was to waste all of ur time. :kukuku