If there is one thing that I will actually admit to hating, as opposed to intense dislike, is the rediculous expectations of the average person.

Granted, it shouldn't really be that large of a problem, as there seems to be a large amount of people ignoring the media, but sadly, it would seem that that is not always the case. I've too many people distraut at the though of being unable to fill that arbitrar defintion of perfection of social acceptibilty, on all sides of the gender, race, persuasion and religious spectrum. This idiotic facade of social acceptabilty degrades our sense of self worth, and demolishes anything we may have thought was good for ourselves.

Everyone must be perfect, an insane inellectual, the epitome of phsyical perfection, and if you're not, then you have no place in this "Society." Women starving themselves all because some fashion designer decided that he liked Skeleton's instead of people. Men hating themselves because they're not "Manly" enough, or strong enough to fill that arbitrary definition of "Mascunlinity."

I doubt most of you who do read this ( lol Right :awesome ) will have this problem, but if you someone that does, or even if you do: Ignore the whole damn thing, it's annoying.

Suzie on the Computer, Suzie on the Camode
Suzie stuck her fingers down her throat after chowin' down a big bowl of Rock Road
In the pages of Cosmo, They like 'em waify and thin
Now wouldn't be nice if Calvin Klein Helped Suzy Wiped the Vomit off her Chin?

~ Les Claypool