Warning: may contain traces of randomness.

You know what pisses me off?

The word "turr?n".

It's so ugly.


Nougat sounds so much better.

It's much softer -it kind of rolls in your tongue when you pronounce it.


Besides, why do all languages but Spanish have a word for 'nougat' that looks a lot like nougat?
If you saw the German word for nougat, you'd understand it means nougat. Same with the French word for nougat, and the Italian word for nougat, and so on.

But tell me, if you read the word 'turr?n', does it occur to you that it might mean 'nougat'?

Of course not.

And where the hell does that word come from anyways?

It annoys me.

More than turr?n itself.

Which I hate with a passion.


I ran out of stupidly random things to say. :facepalm