Just some random stuff I made up about Naruto characters lol :p

Sasuke says "Hi," Me faints :faint
Hinata gets married to Sasuke because they love each other (SasuHina) :love
Ino and 100000000000000............... Sasuke fangirls get mad at Hinata. "Get away from Sasuke," they all yell. Hinata kills the fangirls. Naruto comes and hits Ino. Ino dies and Sakura laughs.
Naruto dances happily, Tenten punches him.
Sasuke says, "Loser....." Me faints again
Gaara makes sandcastles and Akamaru keeps breaking them.
Neji and Shikamaru trap Chouji in a box for eating all their icecream. Kiba and Shino rule the world!!!!......... not!
Itachi hugs Sasuke and Hinata slaps him.
Karin and Kabuto, the nerdy scientists (Lol they both wear glasses) plan on kidnapping Hinata so they can have Sasuke. :huh
Sasori and Kankuro do the greatest puppet show in the world. Temari makes cookies and Gaara eats them all. Sai kidnaps Sasuke.
Suigetsu brushes his teeth 24/7.
Deidara sells his art to make money.
Hinata tickles Sai and saves Sasuke.
Ino and the Sasuke fangirls return from the dead and the Sasuke fanclub destroys humanity.
Suddenly, aliens come and kidnap them and take them away to outer space.
Hidan and Kakuzu are high off tomatoes??
Kisame sings to his shark friends.
"Hey do you want a lollypop," Pein asks Tobi.
Tobi runs away.
Orochimaru haunts all the little kids.
Neji worships Hinata. Sasuke makes Itachi wear a butt bow.
The aliens return to Earth and give everyone CANDYY!!
Konan gets a papercut and Zetsu goes on a date with a flower.
"We have come for your eyebrows!!," yell Lee and Gai sensei. Naruto screams like a girl and runs away. Kakashi saves the day.
Sasuke and Hinata live together happily, oh and so does everyone else.
The End