I would like to take a moment to totally pimp my favorite artist on deviantART.


This artist focuses almost exclusively on the Akatsuki. She proclaims to dislike all the protagonists of the series, and so focuses on the villains. Orochimaru gets some love from her as well, though not as much since he's no longer in the Akatsuki
and he's dead.

Now, don't be fooled by the tendency toward chibification on her part -- the girl can really draw.

Sometimes the comments in the Artist Comment box are the best, especially if you can forgive her occasional bad grammar (she lives in Japan, so I'm assuming English is her second language; she's got pretty good comprehension and frankly she writes better in English than a lot of native speakers of the language do, if you ask me.)

Some of my favorites of hers:
Akatsuki goes 8D
She is Jealous.... Ouch.
Akatsuki's Side Mission
Deidara's Farewell Gift
Deidara: Heart of Explosions
Deep Sea Frenzy: Kisame
Dein: the Hunting Rain God