Rating: T
Genre: Adventure/Humor/Romance
Pairing: DeixOC
Summary: A child who seemingly grew from the soil is found in Kusagakure and taken in by a family hailing from Yukigakure who'd been vacationing there. The child grows and catches the attention of the Akatsuki due to her strange eye...

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto characters or concepts, as much as I'd love to. I do, however, own Neya, Akira, Hibiki and other such concepts. No stealing! xD Haha.

Chapter 1: Mission to Konohagakure

I'd like to say that there's not much I could dig up about Yukigakure, so what you see here is what you get. I'd just like to clarify that not everything in here is fact. A lot of it is improvision on my part. The "Yukikage" is just what I assume they'd call him. And yes, I have seen the first Naruto movie and blah blah. It's too complicated to get into a freaking hierarchy, okay? So just deal with this.

Chapter 2: "You Want to Know the Plan?"

Okay, about this chapter. I looked up all the information I could on most of the characters. It?s not like I needed to for most of them, but some I need a lot more work in learning the fighting styles of. Perfect example? Jiraiya; yes. I?m quite frustrated with the Jiraiya/Itachi&Kisame battle in this. That is why not only is there not much detail in it, but I cut it off at a certain point. Maybe if I get over my lack of information, I?ll continue it in the next chapter. It is sort of necessary that I do at some point. Or at least explain what happens.

Haha, lookit that. I found a loophole around it. Let?s see what Aero-pyon ends up doing, ne? Be forewarned; I am very prone to listening to my loophole ideas.

And seeing as this chapter is way too long to post here [exceeds 10000 characters! XDDD], I'll just use this post to list the links to each chapter as I upload them to fanfiction.net.

And if you want the stats on any OCs, feel free to ask. I will send them to you via PM...or I'll publically post them here if enough people ask or whatever. :/ It works both ways.

Nayeli / Aero