I am gonna keep my quotes here!

Oh and my name used to be Akemi-san and Sakura~Renge

Fujioka;18108043 said:
Q: Why Did Ake and Jenna cross the road?

A: To kill Takada

Deidei;13294983 said:
Lol, you talk like Lee.

You act like him too. :D
Ri No Gaisen;11514086 said:
SakuraRenge is the greatest SakuLee fan I've seen.

aemyth;13693966 said:
People like Lee are cool

Bartholomew Kuma;14113666 said:
well i assume you love rock lee *laugh*

Ura Renge;13972800 said:

You all fucking rock and deserve a good bang from Lee himself. Oo

Ura Renge;14795728 said:
Is a bigger Leetard than I am. ;amuse

vault023;14153464 said:

Gokudera;16169051 said:
Ake-chan, what you said in your rep comment makes me feel wanted and loved, a feeling I don't get much.
Thank you.

Itoshiki;14691969 said:
Sakura~Renge, she seems like a good friend
She makes FCs for deserving people, that's a nice trend
With a personality like that, I'd like to be her friend
Watch Bokura ga Ita, it will make you bend

Rios;16063306 said:
Hey Matsuda ;LOS .

Hisagi;17984496 said:
AkeCali is love!

Zoop;18490064 said:
Akemi doesn't like MelloNear.
It's against her religion, MelloMattism.

Fujioka;19678669 said:
Everyone knows Matt belongs to Akemi! It's a fact of Life!

clemy;15275813 said:
yeah Sakura~Renge is known for her love to rock lee;)

Mrs Maito Gai;16049095 said:
^_^ Good luck, Matsudas female twin Akemi!!!!

kamikazi;20608072 said:
Mail Jeevas n. 1. A highly energetic and lovable resident of the FC sections. Known for her cute sets and youthful personality can commonly be found chatting with her e-family and many friends. 2. There once was a girl named Mail Jeevas. So sweet and kind you wouldn't believe us. Just as cute as can be, more enjoyable than tea. I pray that she never leaves us. 3. Hyper energetic FC section queen

Retaliate said:
Mail Jeevas
n. 1. Self proclaimed geek of trades, enjoying Anime/Manga, Music, Video Games, Internet, and Computers. 2. Has a TON of selfmade FC's 3. Roleplay's everyday or she goes nuts . 4. She also cosplays, as characters ranging from Death Note to Ouran High School Host Club. 5. Is super hyper and friendly, very easy to get along with . 6. Creator fangirl. 7. Has cute sets 8. WHEEEEEEEE......I think we'll leave it at that.

Gokudera;15203133 said:
You're such a nice person Ake-chan. You have a beautiful heart.

Dementia;15100982 said:
Lol I see. ;lmao You remind me of Lee. XD

Neptune;14795533 said:
loves Rock Lee (and Gai)

Kyasurin Yakuto;15997786 said:
Maybe you are kind of like Matsuda. ;hehee

Not stupid though, just kind of not knowing. It's cute though. ;)

Revy;13798346 said:
Gai would be kicking GaiLee fangirl ass all day if he were to see those images...

BAD BD;14180285 said:
Kohona's Green Beast's apprentice and sex partner

Byakk?;14400185 said:

sonteen12;13875181 said:
- At dinner table -
Tsume: Oh? So, you finally got yourself a nice girl, hah? I guess we can trash those porn magazines under your bed now. :hehee
Hinata: *blushes madly*
Kiba: Ma! Not in front of Hinata! *yells*
Hana: *sigh* A quiet dinner is just impossible in this house.

StupidFatHobbit;14236948 said:
Die hard Lee fan

Deidei;14377609 said:
Seriously, you are too much like Lee. I can imagine Lee saying the same thing.

vault023;14111905 said:
cant resist lee's face

Gecka;14207622 said:
Lee obsessed *oh*

CajNatalie;15446721 said:
Thanks Rock Lee Ake-chan.;lmao

Karma Monster;15307650 said:
^ Thirty one. I think you're like Lee too. Except you're a girl.

I mean, you love Gai, think Neji and Tenten are cool, talk formal, are very friendly, love green, support leesaku..

Yeah you're definately like Rock Lee.
But it's not exactly a bad thing ;laugh

edit:and you like being called youthful

`L0?nKz;14167988 said:
But probably love a Lee smex fest.

vault023;14100451 said:
is a protege of a wise sensei

dora ♥;14445749 said:
Team Gai is awesome, because:

Gai's winfulness, Lee's pwnfulness, Tenten's prettifulness, and Neji's Nejiness all adds up to equal the most awesome, fierce, intense and hilarious form of youth!


Ooter;14140334 said:
shes learning gai senseis teachings well because shes almost identical to lee but shes a girl.

Bonten;14113414 said:
Rock Lee fan ftw.

Carly;14104437 said:
Loves Rock Lees sexy bod.

vault023;14100282 said:
its because i like lee as well
make that the third time

loves lee a lot

vault023;14135660 said:
the term WIN should be sakura-renge nuff said :vegetant

Karma Monster;14142275 said:
^ is turned on by green

txsfld;14120813 said:
lol likes bushy brows

De?dara;14823042 said:
I love you SR. ;wtf
You Lee clone. ;wtf

`L0?nKz;14139223 said:
Lee confirmed for Brawl

Bartholomew Kuma;14114314 said:
believes in leeXsaku i also agree with that

Kairi.nin;14112628 said:
Is a huge LeeSaku fan.

Ri No Gaisen;8125661 said:
I also want to hug Akemi-san for her strength and courage: a true Leetard in all senses of the word, but also and over all, a great person! :wink