Here's some I found

What a feeling in my soul ...Love burns brighter than sunshine. ~ "brighter than sunshine," aqualung

I can't speak, I'm lost for words, I can't hear, the silence burns a hole inside of me, that I can't fill for the life of me. ~ "torn inside, "Acceptance

I can't see, I'm blinded by the things you say to me are lies. I can't feel, feel you near, and that's because you were never here. ~ "torn inside," acceptance

What am I supposed to do? How am I supposed to feel? I put my trust in you, but life can change. You lied to me, you let me down, you turned this smile into a frown, and now you're the only reason why, I find it hard to sleep at night. ~ "torn inside," acceptance

I'm feeling sad, feeling blue, I think of the past times spent with you and now there's nothing left to say, so I just turn my head away. ~"torn inside," acceptance

I wish we could open our eyes to see in all directions at the same time. Oh what a beautiful view if you were never aware of what was around you, and it is true what you said that I live like a hermit in my own head, but when the sun shines again, I'll pull the curtains and blinds to let the light in. ~ "marching bands of manhattan", death cab for cutie

She's sun and rain, she's fire and ice, a little crazy but it's nice, and when she gets mad, you best leave her alone, 'cause she'll rage just like a river, then she'll beg you to forgive her. ~she's every woman, garth brooks

Driving home the sky accelerates, and the clouds all form a geometric shape. And it goes fast, you think of the past. Suddenly everything has changed. ~the postal service

There's a reason for looking up, but i feel down. It's a weird world don't you know it? It's a weird world and it won't slow down. It's a weird world no matter how you roll it. ~"weird world," backstreet boys

I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out, I'm not afraid to cry, There are days every now and again i pretend i'm okay, but that's not what gets me... ~"what hurts the most," rascal flatts

But I could not recall a more perfect fall, cause when I looked up into your eyes, it didn't hurt at all.~ "be still my heart," the postal service

I couldn't see the light, I didn't know day from night, I had no reason to care, but since you came along, I can face the dawn, 'cuz i know you'll be there. ~ "good morning beautiful," lonestar

Drench yourself in words unspoken, live your life with arms wide open, today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten. ~"unwritten," natasha bedingfield

And time, time it stops for no one, The seasons come and go and that's just time,Yeah time it stops for no one,The seasons keep on going, Whether or not we're blind. ~ Jack's Mannequin

I want to live where soul meets body, And let the sun wrap its arms around me, And bathe my skin in water cool and cleansing, And feel, feel what its like to be new. ~ "soul meets body," death cab for cutie

The only thing worse than not knowing, is you thinking that I don't know. ~"7 minutes in heavan," fall out boy

I keep telling myself I'm not the desperate type, but you've got me looking in through blinds. ~"7 minutes in heaven," fall out boy

Hours pass, and she still counts the minutes that I am not there, I swear I didn't mean for it to feel like this, like every inch of me is bruised. ~ "bruised," jack's mannequin

Have you ever been alone in a crowded room when I'm here with you? ~"dark blue," jack's mannequin

This flood is slowly rising up swallowing the ground, beneath my feet, Tell me how anybody thinks under this condition so I'll swim (I'll swim) as the water rises up, the sun is sinking down. ~ "dark blue," jack's mannequin

I come undone, oh yes, I do, just think of all the thoughts wasted on you. ~ "i am ready," jack's mannequin

But if you left it up to me everyday would be a holiday from real. ~"holiday from real," jack's mannequin

Every time I'm thinking bout the day coming 'round, well I'll be strong , well that's the day that passes into night, it's like I can't hold on, I can't hold on. ~"lonely for her," jack's mannequin

I'll be strong, but whatever you do, please don't get me rescued... Cause I'm feeling like I might need to be near you and I feel alright, so please don't get me rescued..."rescued," jack's mannequin

I'm writing you a symphony of sound. Where are you now? As I rearrange the songs again, this mix could burn a hole in anyone. ~ "mixed tape," jack's mannequin

I'm coming home from my hardest year , I'm making plans not to make plans while I'm here, and this life has been no holiday, a complicated situation , I'm fine with all my memories, still I could use vacation. ~"lights and buzz," jack's mannequin

To bear the weight and push into the sky it's easier to lie, it's easier to lie, and honestly to look you in the eye, it's easier to lie it's easier to lie. ~"easier to lie," aqualung

And maybe i could be the one you need if you'd only show me, show me how to live and how to bear the weight. ~"easier to lie," aqualung

I've been watching your world from afar, I've been trying to be where you are, and I've been secretly falling apart. ~"strange and beautiful," aqualung

To me, you're strange and you're beautiful, you'd be so perfect with me, but you just can't see, you turn every head but you don't see me. ~ "strange and beautiful," aqualung

Sometimes the last thing you want comes in first, sometimes the first thing you want never comes, but I know that waiting is all you can do, sometimes. ~ "strange and beautiful," aqualung

You say you wander your own land, but when I think about it, I don't see how you can. You're aching, you're breaking and I can see the pain in your eyes, says everybody's changing and I don't know why. ~ "everybody's changing," keane

You say your days are ordinary, and no one ever thinks about you, but we're all the same, and she can hardly breathe without you . ~ "she has no time," keane

This is the last time that I will say these words, I remember the first time, the first of many lies, sweep it into the corner, or hide it under the bed. Say these things they go away, but they never do. ~ "this is the last time," keane

The last time you fall on me for anything you like, your one last line, you fall on me for anything you like. ~'this is the last time," keane

I don't know your thoughts these days, we're strangers in an empty space, I don't understand your heart, It's easier to be apart.~ "we might as well be strangers," keane

Don't worry you will fine the answer if you let it go, give yourself some time to falter, but don't forgo know that you're loved no matter what, and everything will come around in time. ~"perfect girl," sarah mclachlan

Cause in my head there's a greyhound station, where I send my thoughts to far off destinations so they may have a chance of finding a place where they're far more suited than here. ~"soul meets body," death cab for cutie

I - read you - and god i'm good at it - i'm so spot on, chord - shapes in air - go press that dissonance - if you dare. ~"breathe in," frou frou

And i'm high enough from all the waiting, to ride a wave on your inhaling. ~"hear me out," frou frou

I join the queue on your answerphone, and all i am - is holding breath. Just pick up i know you're there, can't you hear - i'm not myself? ~"hear me out," frou frou

So listen up - this sun hasn't set, I refuse to believe that it's only me feeling. Just hear me out - i'm not over you yet. ~ "hear me out," frou frou

So how do i do normal, the smile i fake - the permanent wave of cue cards and fix it kits, can't you tell - i'm not myself? ~"hear me out," frou frou

I'm a slow motion accident, lost in coffee rings and fingerprints, I don't wanna feel anything, but i do. ~"hear me out," frou frou

So don't be afraid to make mistakes, to stumble and fall, because most of the time the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most. Maybe you'll get everything you wish for. Maybe you'll get more than you ever could have imagined. Who knows where life will take you. The road is long and in the end, the journey is the destination. ? One Tree Hill

But if you're always looking for reasons not to be with somebody, and you always find 'em, then I guess at some point maybe you should let go and give your heart what it deserves. ? one tree hill