After I exceeded the 5.5 posts/day, I realized I became a shameful creature, so I guess joining the blog crew won't push me further down the road.

I meant to write about this at my LJ, but I'm lazy for it, and anyway, this place is more appropriate for spreading my love for my new favourite pairing.

I've finished reading Bleach a few days ago, I like it a lot, and thankfully, I don't give a damn about the pairings and I like them all. But somehow, there was one pairing that got me, and I'm mad about it. I won't talk about it, because well, I don't think it has any chances of happenning, but it's not entirely crack, either.

I'm talking about. Sado Yasutora/Kurosaki Karin, by the way *gets hit by thousands of rocks* *omfg, i became tobito* *erh*

I was thinking about them, and you know, I realized that the... situation wouldn't be that odd (aside from the many oddities the pairing has). Becuase it fits in a very common shame.

"My sister and my best friend?! O___o

"Victims" of this situation:
Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter series - Harry/Ginny
Ross Geller from Friends - Chandler/Monica I guess Chad/Karin is like that, too. :rotfl I don't say this means anything, but it's a funny little fact.

Feel free to let me know about similar cases. :amuse