-Bridging the Gap-Key to the Future of Hyuuga-

?I can see with these eyes.... It's taking all your strength just to stand! You were burdened from birth with the destiny of the Hyuga clan's main branch....?

I very much doubt one of the hardest facts that most people believe of Hinata?s history: That she was severely emotionally abused by her clan.

Until Hinata came of genin age and Hanabi?s skill made itself known, it?s very likely that she was treated well by most standards (i.e. the large celebration for her third birthday). Although this doesn?t necessarily mean that she was loved, it seems likely that she wasn?t criticized by anyone but herself for many years.

This isn?t said to demean the trial of growing up in her position or the pain of being cast aside, rather viciously. But, it?s to further highlight Hinata's given circumstances. She has known what it is like to be in the spotlight, to have certain things expected of her, to be the clan's pride.

And yet, the truth is that she was cast off. We aren't given any information regarding how the views of other Hyuuga (besides Neji and Hiashi) changed with Hinata's decline in favor. Although, it's interesting to note Hanabi's mild dumbfoundment when she hears of Neji's skill in comparison to the Main House and his battle potential exceeding Hinata's. This goes to show that Hiashi's loose words might have been only fully understood by Kurenai and not spoken of other than that one time.

Regardless, Hinata's position was questioned. For all intents and purposes, she became less than Main House. And, so her collection of experiences stretched to include what it felt like to be led, to have unjust things said or done as regards her future, and to be separate from those who have control. This understanding only increased as she witnessed Neji's plight.

As her abilities develop, her senses sharpen, her strength of self solidifies, and her theme reaches its point of completion, I see no reason why she could not resume her former place as heir to Hyuuga. And, it's because of the various experiences mentioned above (the bad and the good and the struggle to find her self) adding to her inherent, heightened perception that Hinata will be able to bridge the gap between the Branch and Main houses. For she has the experiences of both and knows what they need from her, as the head of their clan and, perhaps, one day, as the head of a real family.

But, she won't do it alone.

Without the egotism of the Main House, with respect for the Branch members, and her own hardened resolve, there is no reason Hinata would not allow Hanabi and Neji to be an integral part of the clan's future. There's no reason any member of the clan need go through the curse sealing ceremony again. There's no reason why the line between the Main and Branch houses can't be crossed.

I mean, Hinata's already done it once before. :laugh

And, it's this future hope for one of my favorite Konoha families that has me valuing the young Hyuuga more and more, as chapters pass.



?So this is the full extent... of the main branch's strength??

There's a few words that I've used over and over again during the course of this essay: balance, harmony, etc. And, it's because of how I view Hinata's character, in how she relates to the world around her. She balances her teammates collectivity. She represents the future equilibrium of the Hyuuga clan. And, her entire sense of self is geared towards discovering a perfect balance of her traits.

Politically, personally, professionally.

However, what I find nearly as interesting as these overarching effects are the small instances of Hinata coaxing those around her to some kind of harmony. Naruto's potential was not valued like it should have been, so Hinata serves as first admirer and co-conspirator (i.e. during the first test of the Chuunin Exam). Neji's emotional wounds aren't healed by time, so Hinata metaphorically rips of the bandaids in order for medicine to finally be applied.

Balance. Equilibrium. Harmony.

With so many disrupting influences throughout the manga (both good and bad), Hinata's gentle touch and kindly, unrealized manipulation are a literary relief: a needed release of plot pressure.

And, a welcome one.


-Oversexualization: Why I'm A Hinata Fan Who Can't Understand Most Other Hinata Fans-

"If you really care about me, come at seriously!"

Hinata is adorable.

Hinata is beautiful.

Hinata is cute.

But, unlike the countless near-rape style fanarts and fanfics out there imply, Hinata is not meant to be seen as unbearably sexy, a submissive plaything for thirteen year old boys to masturbate over.

And, although there are tons of great Hinata fans out there, too many seem to fit that thirteen year old stereotype. Sometimes, those same individuals will even try to justify their utter fascination with the girl (most of whom only became fans after the Time Skip, when she was shown to have a developed chest) by becoming total Hinatards, unable to hear or acknowledge the fact that she might have even a single fault.

They disregard the fact that her crippling shyness caused her growth to become stagnant from a young age, and might, even now, be preventing her from finding out who she truly is as a person through her connections with others; the fact that she is not a very skilled fighter and her natural skills are not those of a shinobi, making her life choice all the more difficult and all the more valiant; the fact that she is unable to inspire herself but must rely on the example of others to motivate her.

She isn?t perfect. That?s what makes her a three dimensional, interesting, realistic character. And yet, so many of her fans can?t accept her being anything but their untouchable (yet ravishable) angel.

Again, this isn't what all Hinata fans are like. Maybe not even most of them. But, these fans are the loudest, the most obnoxious, and the most focused on Hinata as part of a pairing as opposed to the character being worthwhile on its own. And, it's why I'm a Hinata fan who can't understand most other Hinata fans.

She's incredibly strong with amazing goals and stands on the cusp of political change, with the ability to directly affect that change. She's beautiful, and her balletic Jyuuken is amazing to witness. She's a part of Team 8, a part of a clan, a part of the village of Konoha, a part of the Rookie Nine, a part of the Konoha 12, a part of those who fight for good. She's a part of so many things, and she affects all of those groups directly, beneficially. She's so much more than a pile of hentai and one half of an OTP.

I guess, I just wish more had Hinata's level of perception.

Then, maybe they could see that too.

Regardless, I'll still love the girl. For what she is and what she is going to become.




Does anyone have any good Hinatacentric fanfiction? Because, I couldn't seem to find any worthwhile fics that weren't focused on a pairing or totally AU >.<.