most people know (well ok only bel) i am a ninja chicken with no face and here are some questions i have been asked;
1)who killed Kennedy? a ninja on a shadowy knowl
2)Can a ninja really disapeare? no i dont see how they could
3)my brother Paul is thinking about moving back to his home state of Ohio from pensilvania would a ninka kindly endorse his idea because we want him back home and he values your opinion? Sure absolutly Run Paul run!!!!!! anywhere but Ohio it's a call dependant clingy bunch of disfuctional weirdos there where they try to drag you into a monotonose hell of watery chilli and medocer sports franchises
4)what should i be for halloween? Quiet
5)whats the diffrence between jedi's and ninja's? jedi's are tucked away safely on your DVD's ninja's are right behind you
6)did you ever 'went' to school? Did you?
7)Is it hard to be a ninja? It's harder not to be a ninja
8)how many people have you wrongly killed? just the one but i went back the next day and i killed them CORRECTLY
9)what would you say is the proper etiquette way for hugging a ninja? Don't
10)ninja ninja where thou art thou ninja? hast thou been slain by a ninja who is yet more skilled than thou art? yes there are gay ninjas 11)who was the badass ninja who trained you? His name was badass, Sir Badass Killington
12)can ninja's use hats and moustaches or do they have to rely on their sneaking skills to fool their enemys? Dont be rediculouse

13)are there any hadicaped ninja's out there excuse me they prefer to be called handykillable
14)if you could kill any historical figure or figures who would you kill, how would you kill them and how? Yes!!!!
15)how do ninja's raise their children? from the dead!
16)have you ever killed the wrong person accidentaly? OH YEA all the time they should not called so many kids trevor in the nineties
Thanks for the questions.......... everybody i look forward to seeing you soon
sensei x