Commence Pwning no Jutsu


Ok let me get this question out of the way before I lay into you. What proof do you have that Tobi is Obito? On eye hole in the mask? Different hair from the statue of Madara? A body that looks like it's being held together with a special suit? (cyborgish if you wanna put it that way) The crappy translation that says (in a nut shell) "I want Madara's power" (which is how most retards are taking it), "Madara would be like 150yrs old if he were still alive".
Ok, with those "questions" out of the way. Let's begin.​
  1. The Mask
    Because he has one eye hole in the mask does not in anyway point towards him being Obito, or even having one eye for that matter. When Kakashi first came into the picture with his head band over the eye, did that imply he had one eye? No. People may have thought it, but it wasnt fact. Is it hard to believe that perhaps the mask in someway enhances the Sharingan? Such as the swirl gave Naruto a focus point on his palm for his chakra? Besides, his right eye was crushed and his left eye is Kakashi's now.​
  2. The Hair
    Oh, right the hair. Exactly the same as Obito's hair right? So I'm guessing Iruka is Shikimaru? Pein is Naruto? Wait... Naruto IS Minato. Come on... the hair means jack shit. "But it's different from Madara's!" Because nobody ever changes their hair in Naruto. Sakura NEVER cut her hair, Choji's continues to look like a diaper is on his head. Jiraya's never grew in length. Come on now...​
  3. "Cyborg Obito"
    The suit, ah the suit. The bolts and pins that are apparently keeping Obito's body together. Wait WHAT?! Are you serious? What leads you to believe that it's a Naruto Robo-Cop? What makes anyone assume that it's holding together a mangled body? This is Anime people, weird costumes are a staple in this genre. Was Sasori's puppet body proof that he was a scorpion creature ninja? No. And if infact it was holding together a "mangled" body, Chapter 370 reveals that Madara fought Shodai in the first Battle in the Valley of the End. Could it be possible that the "mangled body" we speak of is in-fact Madara's FUBARed body? This proves to be more likely than Madara going out of his way to find/repair/steal the body of a no talent Uchiha.​
  4. The Translation
  5. Madara's age
    Who knows? Madara may be to old to still be alive and kickin. Atleast that's what "logic" says. But this is Anime... not real life. Besides Kishi seems to be hinting towards Madara actually being alive.(Chapt. 370)

All in all, Obito is dead. Finished. Gone. Deceased. 6 feet under. Rotting. Corpse. Whatever suites your fancy. If he was such an importan character, they would have animated the Kakashi Gaiden, simply so everyone (not just the Manga fans) would have something to reference him to, other than a freaking name. He holds no importance to the story other than explaining how Kakashi got his Sharingan. Any more questions feel free to ask. I'm not sure if I've explained myself fully as I'd like. But this is the quick version since I'm at work and multi-tasking just to write this.

- With Love,
Mawashi Geri​

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