Someone who constantly says everything they are thinking and feeling without end, especially when they don't actually have anything to talk about. Watching television, they parrot a never-ending stream of lines and news bulletins with the occasional sigh or laugh before turning to you and repeating it once more like you weren't sitting beside them the whole time.

They seem to be completely uncomfortable with quiet, and they inevitably invade whenever one is experiencing peacefulness or trying to do something productive. And when you don't seem enthusiastic in response to their great conversation and wit, they get pissed. It's like having a particularly boring Facebook or Twitter feed incarnated into a person who will just not stop their inane dribble.

Now, I'm all for hours and hours of shallow conversation with the laughs and stupidity they can bring. But, there's a difference between shallow and dull, especially when it somehow becomes aggressively bland. They destroy the atmosphere with their blank lifelessness.

The sheer number of people like this who exist make it hard to believe in Darwin's survival of the fittest some days. But, it does make Wells' Time Machine a bit more plausible. Stand back, ladies and gentlemen, here come the Eloi.