my manga Shonen X Shoujo is something i made this summer. sad that summer is over but i think i'll continue it from time to time. + Sample Pics if you continue reading... +

Spoiler: Intro

This is a story about childhood friends Shuya and Yuki.

This is a story about Shuya, his glasses-fetish, and how he tries to gain the attention of the girl he had loved for years.

This is also a story about Yuki, and how she tries to improve her seemingly unrequited love for the guy she likes.

if you havent guessed yet, it's supposedly a romance/comedy type of manga.

also, the story is divided into 3 parts, meaning, it's told on 3 different perspectives. One from Shuya, one from Yuki, and a third person look at both.

and ofcourse, the story is set in japan. :p

Spoiler: sample