Here is another poem that I have written, here for everyone's enjoyment.

Spoiler: Pray for the Mantis

Pray for the Mantis
By DemonDragonJ

I am a mighty hunter;
I seek my frightened prey.
I stalk you through the night
And all throughout the day.

I creep through the shadows;
Staying out of sight.
I strike you without warning
And make you die of fright.

Pray for the mantis!

I hear your panicked footsteps;
I hear your trembling breath.
I catch you in my claws
And bring you to your death.

Your heartbeat boils my blood;
You tender flesh so sweet;
My fangs shall pierce into your skin;
The sweet taste of defeat.

Pray for the mantis!

You run, but you cannot hide;
It is you whom I shall find.
I await the spilling of your blood;
It is always on my mind.

Your pain is my pleasure;
Your screams are my thrill.
I see you writhe in fear
As I close in for the kill.

Pray for the mantis!

My prey now slain,
I resume my nightly hunt;
I cut them down, struck to the ground,
It is their life I shall stunt!

For now, I rest,
I’ll hunt another day;
Save your life, stop the strife
And stay out of my way!

Pray for the mantis!

This poem was heavily inspired by Du Riechst so Gut ("you smell so good") and Waidmanns Heil ("hunter's greeting) by Rammstein, both of which are about hunters stalking their prey, but with a very sexual and sensuous tone, a tone that I employed in this poem, as well.

What does everyone think of this poem? Do you like it?