As of today my stats are as follows.
Pokemon Diamond

IDNo.: 13002
Name: Crys

Money: 258,282

Pokedex: 259

Score: 6931

Time: 148:48
Adventure Started: April 22, 2007
(Yes, I got it the day it came out. My friend dragged me to the mall at the asscrack of dawn to do it)

Badges: 8

Hall of Fame: May 15, 2007

Times Linked: 33
Link Battles:
Wins: 3
Losses: 3
Link Trades: 17

Claim to fame: Best Luxray trainer in the area.
Eevee Breeder
Manaphy owner (Mana and Me are perfect for each other)

Battle Tower Records
Single Battles: 7 wins
Double Battles: 7 wins
Multi Battles: 19 wins
Link Multi Battles: 7 wins
Wi-Fi Battles: 0 wins
(I live 30 minutes by car away from the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot)
Avg Win Streak: 5 wins

Pokemon Records
Pokemon Defeated: 1690
Pokemon Caught: 112
Pokemon Eggs: 13
Encountered While Fishing: 48

Contest Records
Contest Wins: 17
Contest Win %: 45%
Ribbons: 15

Fave Pokemon: Lux my Luxray and Lopunny