Love poem 1

You?re so faraway,
But I feel you near,
In my heart,
That feeling made my chest burn.

You?re the brightest star,
That shines along with the moon,
The star that I could not get to,
But I had loved you.

You?re the dream that runs away,
Wanting me to chase,
But I failed and fell to my grace,
So you continue to run... as I was far behind.

You?re a wish I had wanting,
But fate again twists and turns,
For you?re so faraway,
Yet so near and I felt love for you either way.

Love poem 2

Love is such a pain in the ass,
Love is what had made me ask;
?Why does my heart seem to fly??
But know that you will never reply.

Love is such a powerful thing,
Love is what had made me think;
?Why am I so attached to you??
But know that it is love I felt for you.

Love is such a graceful bliss,
Love is what had made me hiss;
?Why is he so far away from me??
But know of what you will think of me.

Love is such a disaster, a tragedy,
Yet a miracle I wished to see,
Love is such a feeling, a thought,
Yet a dream I wished for you to feel the same.

Love is what I need, want and felt of you,
And here I wrote for you, my love
To consider and give me a second thought,
Cause love ain?t all that bad.

Love is a wish, a dream and a view I see of you,
And here I hope for you, my love
To accept me as I accepted you,
Cause love ain?t all that blue.

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